finding balance between living in the moment and thinking about the future

From TV to Social media, we hear the advice to live in the moment, all the time. And most, including me until few hours ago, blindly agree to it and consider it to be wise words. I’m not saying it’s dumb advice, not yet anyway, but i want to question the default and finding how logical it is to live in the moment and like it’s your last day on earth.

First of all, if you actually follow your advice and live in the moment, why are you working? I’m sure most people would have enough savings to last them for one last day on earth, so why not quit the job and enjoy your life? This is what triggered my bs alarm at first. People giving this advice to other people seem kind of hypocritical. Or it might just be some secret underlying meaning that i’m not getting.

 I struggle with this advice because it doesn’t really make logical sense. What if i give up everything i do to ensure i have comfortable life in the future, and focus on instant gratification instead, but it turns out, i get to live 100 years? I’d have to become homeless and live my remaining 80 years like that, just because i followed this mantra that everyone seems to agree with without thinking twice about it’s actual meaning. If it means still curbing your desire for instant gratification but finding balance between working for future and enjoying your life today, how do you find the balance? It’s very vague and i honestly can’t wrap my head around it.

 To sum up, i’ll continue living my currently miserable life in exchange for the gratification it’s going to bring in few years, and never feel bad when i hear this advice anymore. Which i used to do. It made me feel like i was wasting my life away, and made me miserable. But now, realizing that fault is in them, i can continue being a workaholic in peace.

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