Sourcing motivation in different times of day

For the past two weeks, i’ve been observing my own behavior and noticed strange thing. Whenever i woke up in the morning, i was feeling tired and unmotivated. I need at least few hours of entertainment and eating to get me on mood of getting through my day. And it’s pretty weird, considering the fact that sleep is supposed to refresh your energy and give you the boost for the next day. But for some reason, it’s the complete opposite for me. At first, i thought it was because of the fact that i wasn’t getting enough sleep, and maybe partially, it was. But next day, when i went to sleep early, and got around 9-10 hours of sleep, it didn’t really help much. So even though being sleep deprived partially contributed to my problem, it wasn’t the only source of tiredness in the morning. My next suspicion was the fact that i sometimes wake up with sore throat. It usually goes away within 10 minutes from waking up, but it’s still pain in the butt. And being sick can obviously make you tired and depressed, so i tried buying pills and taking them every morning for quick effect. And i must say, among all things i’ve tried this month, the pills worked the best. And they’re not full of chemicals either. I’m not sure as i’m neither doctor or pharmacist, but i’ve been taking them for a while and never had any signs of addiction or anything like that. I also tried playing golf and tried out some different clubs, and it kind of worked, but not entirely.

 I’ve heard a lot of people say that coffee works for them, but i’m not sure about that. I’ve never been coffee person, so i had to start simple, and gave instant coffee a shot. While i must say that it was nice, it didn’t really kick off my day and make me super energized. Maybe instant coffees are weaker and therefore not as effective, i don’t know. If there’s anyone out there knowledgeable in coffee, i’d love to hear your take on this.

 The other things i’ve tried such as energy drinks and watching motivational videos and stuff like that, didn’t really work for me. I can’t really fool myself into motivating itself, so common sources of motivation are no good for me. Anyways, thanks for reading and i’d love to hear from other people struggling with motivation as well.  

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