How are real entrepreneurs different from TV counterparts

Entrepreneurship is one of the most popular topics to make movies about. Started from documentary films to massive box-office hits like ‘The Social Network’, people love to watch story about underdog who makes it big and earns gazillions of dollars. But as someone who’s interested in entrepreneurship himself, i can’t help but notice some inconsistencies in the storyline. Especially how they portray the road that these people (including me) have to go through to reach the top. They rarely show the rejections, failures and the power it takes to get up after falling down thousand times. For example, Ray Kroc. He founded McDonalds in his fifties, and people love to point that out. But do people really think he didn’t try before? I can only imagine how many ventures just like McDonalds he has started which have failed miserably. But no one mentions these failures, all people focus on is McDonalds and how many billions of net worth he has.

Another good TV show about entrepreneurship is Silicon Valley. I love it as it’s very funny comedy but it’s only somewhat realistic. The characters of nerds are drawn perfectly, but the CEO, Richard Hendricks, is almost like a science fiction to me. In real world, guys like that never make it past first year of the company. Or if their company makes it, they are replaced as soon as possible. He has no skills necessary whatsoever, and does more bad for Pied Piper than any good.

 ‘The Social Network’ had the same problem. It showed sexy part of entrepreneurship, as in hanging out in the clubs and having pool parties, but lacked on the scenes showing boring hard work that had to be done so we could have Facebook today. Director and screenwriter themselves said that characters were over dramatized for the sake of entertainment, so at least they’re being honest about its flaws. It was actually also wrong to portray Mark as antagonist and Eduardo as the good guy, because that’s not at all what had happened in real life. Overall, it’s great movie and loved watching it, but i wish they made it more real. But thinking about it, it might be inconsistent for me, but most people who have no clue about this field, enjoy watching dramatized versions, and i guess they can’t make 80 million movie just for few of us.

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